who knows.

"I feel like I’m drying off a wet dog".

Anonymous: so how was the first episode of cantabile? i haven't watched the kdrama but i did read the manga and i still dont know what to expect

I haven’t watched it yet! I’m waiting for subtitles. Unless they’re out there and I’ve missed them. That is entirely possible. It’s Thanksgiving and I haven’t been paying enough attention.

I will be watching it, though. I will perhaps post something to say my impressions as a diehard Nodame Cantabile fan once I have watched the first episode or two, if people care to see that. 

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If it’s you, I can accompany you as much as you want.

Periodic reminder that I update more at rieul.

I keep getting tempted to simply starting posting Korean things over there too and consolidate everything but then that seems like I’m abandoning my followers here because there are so many more of you. But anyway. This is just so that you know that I also exist elsewhere and have not entirely disappeared. 

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                Park Shin Hye for TVBS Magazine.

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I’m not sure why you all follow my poor little blog, but I’m so grateful and I want this appreciation and love to spread to more awesome people and blogs!

I’ve put them in alphabetical order, those in bold are my friends (so they’re pretty awesome) and italics means you should follow them regardless of what they post because they’re great people with great blogs.

Again, thank you to all of my followers. I wish I could hug you all~ <3

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I think, ‘It would be nice if she didn’t fall,’ but I can see in her eyes that something’s different because she’s going after her dream. It makes me feel like they’re succeeding.” - Rise’s mom back when Ladies’ Code first debuted.

rest in peace, kwon risae (08/16/1991 - 09/07/2014)

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