who knows.

I think, ‘It would be nice if she didn’t fall,’ but I can see in her eyes that something’s different because she’s going after her dream. It makes me feel like they’re succeeding.” - Rise’s mom back when Ladies’ Code first debuted.

rest in peace, kwon risae (08/16/1991 - 09/07/2014)

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Suzy: ”No, I want to be your last love.”

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Susin High School Students [5/8] → Yoon Su

It’s okay. It’s my fault for being born into a rich family.

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One day, cloudy day.
A day when the heavy skies look as if they’re about to cry.

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tablo & hye jung showing affection to each other

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Young-goon, you have to let me go.

Heaven now has two beautiful angels. Rest peacefully together, RiSe & EunB. You will be missed.

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